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The 1st Fully Automated Mobile Solution For OSHA Safety Training Compliance

Safety Team will digitally automate the Scheduling, Hosting and OSHA Documentation of your mandated safety meetings.

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What Our Customers Say:

Since we started using the app, everything changed

This app has been such an enormous help with our safety program and has completely streamlined the operation. Before this app, we had to nag our employees and Foreman to make sure we always stayed on top of the safety meetings and collected all the attendance forms.

Megan Harrod's testimonial

Megan Harrod

Controller, RH Framing Incorporated

Megan Harrod's testimonial

We are very happy with this Safety Team app!

Easy download, easy sign-up, fully automated set up and very convenient for our employees to log their safety training around our daily construction environment.

Marissa Baca's testimonial

Marissa Baca

Safety Manager, Armer-Norman & Associates

Marissa Baca's testimonial

Getting good reviews from my staff!

Hosting safety meetings was a major loss of productivity for us in the past. Now they watch these streaming videos from their phone and can accomplish the training during their downtime in the shop.

Kirk Rossmann's testimonial

Kirk Rossmann

CEO, BT Laser

Kirk Rossmann's testimonial

A much-needed solution to a longstanding issue

After years of manual sign off sheets, huge archaic safety binders, this app makes it so much simpler. Now we aren’t nervous for an insurance audit and the big bonus is that employees actually LEARN pertinent safety processes that are specific to our industry!

Carole Murray's testimonial

Carole Murray

CEO, Murray Window & Door

Carole Murray's testimonial

Food Safety is our number ONE concern

Ultimately, customers want great tasting and quality foods. Safety Team allows us to reinforce these premises with very little effort and terrific results.

Juan Batista's testimonial

Juan Batista

CEO, Teriyaki Madness Franchise Owner

Juan Batista's testimonial

The Safety Team app is the best!

It is one more monthly meeting I do not have to have. The topics and material are OSHA compliant, and I have seen the difference it is making as far as safety being first in the minds of my warehouse and field employees.

Lisa Dawson's testimonial

Lisa Dawson

HR Director, ProFloors

Lisa Dawson's testimonial

Our Mission

About us

Our Mission is to make safety training accessible and affordable for any size company in the United States that does not have the time or ability to regularly schedule, host and document their safety trainings.

Skin in the game.
Owned by a group of blue-collar business owners and risk management professionals who are passionate about Safety.
Determine the schedule when signing up. Simply choose the date for your first meeting—our app will then automatically schedule the rest of your meetings for an indefinite period of time.
OSHA Compliance.
Employees open the FREE Safety Team app on their phone, watch an industry relevant safety video, sign their name on their screen, then take a gamified quiz. They receive automatic SMS text notifications:
  • 1) to download the free app

  • 2) the morning of every safety meeting

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Warehouse worker

Standards for OSHA Mandated Safety Training


Our software is designed to play industry specific safety videos in a frequency that is custom for your industry. Videos range in length from 2 minutes for tailgate meetings to over 20 minutes for more in-depth safety trainings. We currently have over 100 pre-programmed streaming videos for each of the below industries:

Construction Industry
ALL licensed contractors, with 1 employee or more, including General and Sub-Contractors are required to provide a Tailgate Safety Training Every 10 Business Days.
Blue Collar Industries
Industries such as Manufacturing, Warehousing, Janitorial, Food Processing and Transportation are expected to provide a Safety Training at least once monthly.
OSHA Compliance.
We provide electronic safety training and electronic signature records with time stamp, meeting OSHAs requirements.

Start Complying with OSHA Trainings Now

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